Equality and Diversity 

As an employer, service provider and integral part of the community, we understand that our work on equality, diversity and inclusion is an important part of how we demonstrate our organisational values, especially of valuing dignity and respect. We have worked hard to make these values even more visible and appreciate how they influence how we behave each and every day. This helps us provide a quality safe, effective and person centred service for our patients, visitors and guests.


We continue to invest in new and innovative ways to make sure that all of our staff are getting the opportunities and have the facilities, resources and support they need to get the most out of their roles at the Golden Jubilee. We firmly believe that we provide the highest possible standard of care and service for every patient, visitor, delegate and guest who comes here.


This can only happen because we are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where staff, patients, visitors and guests are treated with dignity and respect, with their diversity being recognised and valued. We seek to ensure that we respect and include everyone and that no one is treated less favourably on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy/maternity, religion, religious belief, age, disability or race (which includes colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins). - Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee Foundation. 


For more information on our equality and diversity work, email enquiries@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk

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