Golden Jubilee Foundation Records Management Plan 


Under the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011, Scottish public authorities must produce and submit a records management plan, setting out proper arrangements for the management of the organisations records to the Keeper of the Records of Scotland for agreement under Section 1 of the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011.


The Golden Jubilee Foundation’s Records Management Plan sets out the overarching framework for ensuring that records are managed and controlled effectively, and commensurate with the legal, operational and information needs of the organisation.


Our Records Management Plan evidences our current records management capabilities and highlights areas for improving the quality, availability, and effective use of our records and provides a strategic framework for all records management activities. It also considers all 14 elements as advised in the Keeper’s Model Plan and supporting guidance:


  • Senior Management Responsibility
  • Records Manager Responsibility
  • Records Management Policy Statement
  • Business Classification
  • Retention Schedules
  • Destruction Arrangements
  • Archiving and Transfer Arrangements
  • Information Security
  • Data Protection
  • Business Continuity and Vital Records
  • Audit Trail
  • Competency Framework for Records Management Staff
  • Assessment and Review
  • Shared Information

The Golden Jubilee Foundation’s Records Management Plan was accepted by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland on 5 April 2017


View our Records Management Plan 



Yearly update Report Feb 2019



View the Keeper of the Records of Scotland’s Assessment 


For further information on the Golden Jubilee Foundation’s Records Management Plan please contact:

Sharon Stott
Information Governance Manager
Tel: 0141 951 5000 ext 5765

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