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Unscheduled care programmes

The Unscheduled Care programmes fall under the direction of the Scottish Government, to support delivery of the four-hour Emergency Access Target.

 6EA – Building Capacity for Recovery

6EA – Building Capacity for Recovery - The 6 Essential Actions (6EA) launched in 2015 to support the delivery of the 4 – hour Emergency Access Standard.

The 6EA approach sets out to ensure 95% of all patients attending our  Emergency Departments are either admitted, transferred or discharged within 4 hours. The programme was introduced to support local teams to identify and change innovation opportunities with the aim to improve patient experience, safety and outcomes by removing waits and delays.The plan was developed and agreed by the Unscheduled Care Team in order to focus improvement across the whole system and to deliver sustainable improvements in performance

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Urgent and Unscheduled Care programme

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Our priorities for the year 2021/22 are:

  • Minimise all delays across patient journey by:

6EA: Building Capacity for Recovery: Rejuvenating and revitalising 6EA programme to build capacity for recovery

  • Reducing unplanned attendance to A&E by:

Redesign Urgent Care Programme: Redesigning the Urgent Care pathway for patients seeking urgent non-emergency medical assistance.

Interface Care Programme: Establishing integrated services that not only reduces the need to come to hospital but works toward quicker discharges out of hospital when safe to do so.

  • Reducing the time spent in hospital by:

Optimising Flow Programme: Improving discharge processes (Optimising Flow Programme)

 Redesign Urgent Care (RUC)

Redesign Urgent Care: The redesign in urgent care will ensure that the right care is provided at the right place, at the right time for those who attend A&E leading to a reduction in those attending.

Research suggests that approximately 20% of patients who have attended A&E can be managed in an alternative and clinically appropriate way. The redesign will ensure patients are seen in the most appropriate clinical environment for their healthcare which will minimise crowding of emergency departments and reduce the risk of nosocomial infections. This will be done by managing patients more effectively, closer to their home and by optimising existing pre-hospital patient care.

Links to useful publications: 

Redesign of urgent care: equality impact assessment - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

NHS Ayrshire and Arran - redesign of urgent care - pathway finder programme: rapid external review - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


 Interface Care

​​​​​​Interface Care

‘Interface Care’ is the delivery of high-quality care for defined groups of patients, that safely provides an alternative to avoid hospital admission or leads to early front door discharge and reduces length of stay. ‘Interface Care’ will provide care for the complete patient journey, from point of contact to conclusion of need, optimising staff and patient experience.”

The key focus of the work is to look at high volume clinical pathways to see if by integrating services we can better address the needs of the population.

 Optimising flow

Optimising flow:  In order to minimise delays and build capacity for recovery, the next phase of this programme will focus on enhancing capacity across the acute system to minimise delays and support recovery.

The key focus of this programme will include; revitalising the foundations of the 6 Essential Actions, ensuring care is provided as close to home as possible across a number of high volume and complex patient journeys, supporting alternative to admission, reducing the length of stay, optimising services across seven days, and ensuing patients are discharged when clinically and therapeutically fit.

Discharge without delay: 

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