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Our People Awards 2024

Each year, Our People Awards recognises the incredible efforts of our staff for the inspirational work they carry out for people all across Scotland. 

Patients, visitors and staff have the opportunity to nominate a member of staff, team or volunteer, who has gone above and beyond across multiple categories.

There are 12 categories (listed below in alphabetical order) that have been devised to ensure that all staff and volunteers could potentially receive a nomination. There may also be special recognition certificates or awards.

  1. Care and Compassion award: Recognising staff or teams who have demonstrated a positive, compassionate attitude to patients, carers, customers in everything they do.
  2. Chief Executive Excellence award: An individual, team or department who has been chosen by the senior team (not through nominations) for the outstanding work on delivering a service or a project.
  3. Collaboration award: Recognising staff or teams who have been building relationships internally or externally for the benefit of patients/customers, while treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  4. Innovation award: Open to an individual, a group or a team developing innovative ways to improve health or services. Innovation has many forms and this award recognises clinical and non-clinical innovation. It includes research, use of new or emerging technologies, new ways of working, or faster, smarter access to services and treatments.
  5. Leader of the Year award: An individual (clinical or non-clinical) who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities in the work they do to make change happen and can work with others to improve and make things better.
  6. Living our Values award: Recognising an individual or team who have embedded and demonstrated our values into their everyday practice.
  7. Rising Star award: Open to up and coming professionals demonstrating qualities of a bright future. Proactive and progressive in all areas with valid contributions to upholding excellence in their service area.
  8. Support Worker award: For an individual involved in providing excellent NHS non-clinical support services for NHS Golden Jubilee. A support worker delivers hands on care, and also works behind the scenes to improve patient care and could be an ancillary assistant, a domestic assistant, a catering assistant, a care at home worker or a porter - to name but a few.
  9. Sustainability award: Recognising staff or teams who have significantly contributed to making our environment greener, safer, cleaner or more sustainable.
  10. Top Team award: A team or group that consistently demonstrate and uphold excellence in healthcare through working collaboratively, often going the extra mile to provide exceptional service(s). They must have evidence of substantive contributions enabling their organisation to provide services and care to patients, service users and colleagues.
  11. Unsung Hero award: For an individual, a group or a team who in the course of doing their job, make a real difference for people in Scotland, but whose work often goes unrecognised. Tell us about a person or a group of people whose work has made a real difference to the lives of others in Scotland while not attracting much attention - those willing to go that extra mile for the sake of others.
  12. Volunteer award: This award is for an individual, a group or a team who give their time freely to help improve the health and wellbeing of patients, carers and service users of NHS Golden Jubilee.

Nominations for the 2024 Our People Awards are open until 5pm on Monday 2 September 2024.

Click here to nominate now.

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