Published: Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Creating a healthier Scotland




The Golden Jubilee Foundation continues to drive forward their vision to lead Quality, Research and Innovation for NHSScotland as they announce the launch of their Centre for Health and Wellbeing.


The Golden Jubilee Foundation is the campus of facilities which includes the National Hospital, Conference Hotel, Research Institute and Innovation Centre, run by an NHS Board.


The Centre for Health and Wellbeing, located in the former Health Club of the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, will not only allow the Hotel to continue to develop their objective to offer more accessible health and fitness opportunities for members in the local community and delegates, but aligns to the Scottish Government’s vision to create a healthier Scotland, promoting an active, healthy, workforce.


Deputy Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, Julie Carter, said: “We recently carried out an in-depth review and engagement exercise around the future of the Health Club in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, and are very excited to announce we have agreed an evolutionary strategy to develop the facility into a state-of-the-art Centre for Health and Wellbeing.


“As a national NHS Board, health and wellbeing is our top priority. The new strategy aims to build on the success of the facility, creating a centre that is a unique and integral part of our Foundation. This will involve working in collaboration with all aspects of the organisation to promote health and wellbeing for everyone who walks through our doors, supporting the local community, patients, their family, delegates and staff.


“As well as a physical space, the Centre for Health and Wellbeing is a concept which will take shape over the next four years, with ‘proof of concept’ testing and pilot projects being planned, for the benefit of the people of Scotland.”


For more information on the Golden Jubilee Centre for Health and Wellbeing, visit:

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