Published: Monday, April 30th, 2012

Celebrating 10 years of excellence




This year is going to be an exciting one for all of us here at the Golden Jubilee National Hospitalas we celebrate 10 years of excellence as part of the NHSScotland family.


We have a number of events lined up to mark this milestone, to celebrate our achievements since 2002 and look to the future.


The Golden Jubilee came into the NHS in June 2002. Back then, we were set up to help local NHS Boards meet their waiting time guarantees – meaning that you, our patients, received your diagnosis or treatment within a set time. Ten years on, we’re proud to be a national resource majoring in regional and national heart and lung services, orthopaedics and other key specialties.


One of our main activities then (and now) is our orthopaedic programme, which we continue to expand to meet the needs of patients across NHSScotland. We now have five orthopaedic theatres, nine orthopaedic consultants, and carry out 20 per cent of all hip and knee replacements inScotland. Our innovative orthopaedic team have been at the forefront of advances in technology and treatment that have improved treatment and recovery times for patients. We perform computer assisted surgery to ensure pin-point precision when implanting new joints. Our multidisciplinary approach to treating joint replacements, the CALEDonian Enhanced Recovery Programme (the result of years of dedicated research and development) has the lowest length of hospital stay for patients and we are now leading on the work to roll this out acrossScotland.


Our diagnostic imaging programme has also continued to grow over the years, with the team continually carrying out more exams than planned – which means we’re helping diagnose more patients quicker than before. Our award winning Radiology Department, who were named Radiology Team of the Year in 2008, provides a full range of diagnostic imaging services to patients acrossScotland as well as those being treated in the Golden Jubilee.


In 2008, we became home to regional heart and lung services for the West of Scotland, as well as three of our national services. Since then, we have held the waiting list, and continue to exceed all of the waiting time guarantees for these procedures. We continued to develop our heart and lung programme have achieved a number of ‘firsts’ over the years – performed our first heart transplant, delivered our first baby, implanted the first mechanical heart, and we’ve even replaced a patient’s pulmonary valve through a vein in his leg.


We’re proud of all these great achievements , but it is important to remember why we do this. Everything is for you – our patients – to diagnose and treat you faster and safer and then get you home  and back to living your life, quicker. We performed 2,500 procedures in our first year, and reached 100,000 when we turned five… so we’ll let you know how many we get to by the time we officially turn 10!


 Taken on their own merit, each of these is a major achievement. Put them together and that’s why today we are a national resource celebrating 10 years of excellence in high quality healthcare.


Over the coming years we will continue to bring excellence to everything that we do – our promise is that we will focus on and carry out safe, effective health care for you and promote innovative research, relating to our key specialties so that we can continue to provide person-centred, safe and effective care for you, our patients.


We believe that the next chapter for the Golden Jubilee National Hospital is going to be even more exciting. And that is why we are not only celebrating our successes but looking forward to the improvements we can make to patient care in the future – we hope you will join us!

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