Published: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Review, listen and improve


Annual review panel


Last Wednesday (24 October) we had our Annual Review.  The Annual Review isn’t just another meeting – it’s a particularly important and special one.


Firstly, it is the only public forum where we, as an NHS Board, are held to account for our decisions and performance over the year. And, importantly, it also give us the chance to explain to an audience of our patients, government colleagues and Ministers, the innovations and best practice in quality health care for patients that we carry out every day, year after year.


This year for the first time we webcast our Annual Review. Being filmed live is a bit daunting but we are a national resource for NHSScotland so it is crucial for us to be accessible to every one of our patients.


We want our patients to see how we have carried out high quality care at the Golden Jubilee, how we want to create and innovate in research and surgical techniques, and how we are continually being efficient with our processes and making the best use of every penny we have to spend.  


If you missed the webcast, it is still available, so please take the time to view it at But if you want a quick run down of our main highlights, we:

  • have increased our activity by 900% over the last 10 years;
  • met all our waiting time targets and are ready to meet the new 12 week treatment time guarantee;
  • had a 52% reduction in Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia since April 2011;
  • ranked above the Scottish average in every category in the “Better Together” inpatient survey;
  • were confirmed as the busiest Thoracic Centre in theUK, reducing our median wait time for lung cancer patients from 12 days in 2010/11 to 9 days in 2011/12;
  • were ranked the top NHS Board in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index;
  • carried out an extra 300 joints and continue to be the largest single site elective Orthopaedic Centre inScotland;
  • continued to deliver leading edge research that is taken from bench to bedside to the benefit of patients; and
  • achieved all financial targets and exceeded efficiency targets.

To us, probably of most significance, is the fact that during our Annual Review our patients have the opportunity to discuss their experience of the Golden Jubilee directly with Government Ministers. Although this is only one of the ways that our patients can feedback to us, it provides an opportunity for a third party to hear this at the same time as we do.


We work extremely hard to ensure that patients have an excellent experience, so it is gratifying for us to hear from individual patients where this is happening. Equally, we need to know the areas where we are not performing. It is this continual improvement by listening to our patients and acting accordingly that is the key to us providing a person centred, safe and effective service for all.


I am delighted that in our 10th year as an NHS Board, our highly qualified and professional team delivered against all our targets. That in itself is good, but even better is that each target met represents real tangible benefits to our patients. And that is what matters most.


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