Published: Friday, September 28th, 2012

Valuing you, valuing us, valuing everyone




I’ve written before about the importance of our work on equality and diversity and how, as a national resource forScotland, this is of particular value to us in the quality of patient care we offer.


To highlight the equality work we have done at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital and Beardmore Conference Centre over the last ten years, we are holding a staff Equalities Celebration on Thursday 4 October. This event will showcase how far we have come in supporting positive cultures and behaviours in the past decade – and will look forward to how we will continue this work in the years to come.


Closely linked to our responsibilities around equality, we have recently begun a programme of work with a range of staff, patient representatives and managers to find out more about our core and shared values.


We all have values.  They shape how we see our world, how we work with each other, how we make decisions – the easy ones but, critically, the difficult ones.  Through feedback we get from our patients and staff members we know that although what we deliver in our roles here is important, the way we behave is just as important.


Because our personal values are so much the foundation of how each of us lives our life, so our shared values as an organisation are the cornerstone of how we work together, care for our patients, engage with their relatives and carers.  Our shared values are seen everyday in how each one of us does our job.  We need to make these values even more visible and appreciate how they influence how we behave each and every day.


Our values


From the work we’ve done so far with staff, patient representatives and managers, we have now finalised our set of five values. They are:


Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Take responsibility to do our jobs well.

Demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Work effectively with others in teams.

Display a “can do” attitude at every opportunity.


I’m pretty sure that none of these is a surprise to you and that you sign up to all of them.  We already have a very positive culture within our organisation and our values statement is just the first step in recognising this.


The next step is the work we’ll do  with teams across the organisation in different ways to recognise our values, show how we can make them explicit and support each other to “live these” in everything we do.


By working in this way, conscious of our shared values and making them explicit in how we treat our patients, their relatives and carers – and each other, I am confident that we’ll see even better quality patient care and services for our Beardmore customers and guests.

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