Published: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Artists commemorate 10 years of national hospital 





This month we were lucky enough to unveil six unique pieces of art to commemorate 10 years of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


2012 was a milestone year and we wanted to commission artwork that would be a lasting memento going forward with us in our new vision for the organisation – something that our staff and patients could look at and be reminded of our organisation, where we currently are and what we want to achieve.


But more than that, we wanted to ensure that we worked with people who are part of our community and understood the benefit that the Golden Jubilee National Hospitalbrings to, not just the West of Scotland, but also Scotlandas a whole.


The artwork was undertaken by a team from Project Ability – a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation who work in partnership with people with disabilities and their support agencies across the UK. Many of the artists, as well as being involved with Project Ability, have either been treated here or have relatives or friends who have been cared for on this site.


Therefore, it is very fitting that these wonderful pieces of art capture various elements of the work we do here – one of the UK’s largest heart and lung centres, a major centre for orthopaedics, diagnostics and other specialties. They also capture our location, which is very important as we are one of the major employers in the area, and also our staff, patients, hotel guests all benefit from our Clyde-side setting.


We could not have asked for a better way to remember our achievements over the last ten years and we thank all the artists and team at Project Ability for their creative, inspirational and lasting artwork.


This may be our last event but it certainly has created something that will last for the many successful years to come.


The paintings have been on display in our Conservatory since the unveiling and will shortly be moving to their new permanent locations throughout the hospital and hotel.


You can view the pictures from the unveiling ceremony in our Facebook album: 


To find out more about Project Ability, visit:

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