Published: Friday, November 1st, 2013

Chair blog: a chance to review and reflect




On Monday 28 October our 2013 Annual Review took place in the National Waiting Times Centre; providing an open forum for staff, patients and the public to have their voices heard and help shape our services. This also offered an opportunity for an independent panel to see the improvements and innovations we have made over the past 12 months.


Patient interaction is at the heart of what we do, so it was essential that our annual review was open to everyone: not just those individuals who could make the journey on the day. To help with that, this year’s Annual Review was more socially interactive than ever before, receiving questions via Facebook, Twitter and email before broadcasting the entire event live on our website. In case you missed it, you can still find the entire event at the following link: If not, then here’s a quick rundown of what was revealed on the day:

Key highlights of 2012 – 13



  • Our Thoracic Unit remained the busiest in the UK, increasing resection rates for lung cancer patients from 10% to 15% in just five years. A total of 357 cases were referred to us in 2012-13 and all were treated within the 31 day waiting time guarantee.
  • We exceeded our activity target by 6%, carrying out 23,939 inpatient, day case procedures and diagnostic examinations.
  • We have increased our Orthopaedic service by 300 procedures, taking our capacity to approximately 3,800 and are preparing to enact a weekend service to cope with the expected increase in demand over the winter.
  • In 2012-13 we provided 11% more cataract procedures than anticipated. We are preparing to double our Ophthalmology capacity, allowing us to accommodate approximately 10% of all cataract operations in NHSScotland.



Person Centred

  • During 2012-13, all patients were treated within the national performance target for waiting times.
  • 98% of patients asked reported they have received a high quality of care.
  • The number of complaints against the National Waiting Times Centre has dropped by 29%.
  • We ranked the top NHS Board in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index for the third year running.
  • We have enacted a series of protocols to ensure we continue to meet 12 week waiting time guarantee.
  • We became the first NHS Board in the UK to achieve level two Investors in Diversity.



  • We achieved all three of our financial targets and exceeded our efficiency targets.
  • We reduced our carbon emissions by 0.48% and are working on reducing energy use.


  • We secured a score of 99% for hand hygiene under both opportunity and technique.
  • We have continued to exceed our Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) targets;
  • We have introduced initiatives to provide a safer and higher quality of patient care.


Our Beardmore Centres

During 2012 – 13, The Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre was awarded:

  • Top Eco Hotel in Scotland at the AA Hospitality Awards 2013; number three in the UK;
  • Gold Standard Accreditation from VenueVerdict, one of only three locations in Scotland and 33 in the UK to achieve this;
  • Maintained their Gold Accreditation from the Green Tourism Board, increasing their overall score to 86%;


During 2012-13, the Beardmore Centre for Health Science:

  • Increased the number of internationally renowned clinical trials.
  • Hosted several key international clinical training events;
  • Provided the latest technology for the training of all health professionals for all medical staff within NHS Scotland


While we take great pride in all the positives which we have achieved over the last 12 months, the Annual Review gives us a chance to hear some of the practical challenges and issues which our patients may have experienced during their time with us. At this year’s Annual Review, we received useful insight into some of our information leaflets; ensuring our patients have the correct information is an essential criteria, and we will be working on these changes going forward.


 Being able to discuss this, in open forum, and gain the insight of an independent panel is an invaluable resource, one which we will continue year on year.


As we head into 2014, I am delighted at the progress which has been made here at the Golden Jubilee, Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre and in our Health Sciences Centre. As we look ahead,  we will be exploring opportunities to expand our work as a national resource to the NHS in Socltand, delivering this through effectively using more of our campus and working with our local authority and community partners to support Health and Social Care Integration. And we will be looking at how we can develop and support our growing portfolio of research. This is an exciting period of expansion and growth, which will allow us to directly benefit the lives of thousands of patients every year and exceed what we have already accomplished

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