Published: Friday, November 29th, 2013

Chair blog: a team effort



Recently, one of our leading orthopaedic surgeons, Andrew Kinninmonth, was shortlisted for the prestigious Doctors Award at the Scottish Health Awards 2013. Well deserved recognition for an outstanding clinician but as Andrew pointed out his achievements come as part of a team effort.  And it is that team effort and spirit which I find right across the Golden Jubilee National Hospital. 


While we are perhaps best known for being the home of the regional and national heart and lung service, we provide a range of specialist support services which are crucial to our work and our role as a national resource forScotland.


Even before patients step through the doors of the Golden Jubilee, our staff are hard at work. From our Booking Office liaising with patients to arrange appointments and providing all the support necessary; to our Medical Records, secretarial and admin staff ensuring we have access to all the information our medical teams need to provide the highest standard of care possible.


So once patients are with us at the Golden Jubilee, what services are open to them?



We are home to a fantastic Rehabillitation Department, offering a wide range of services across Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. With state of the art rooms, fully equipped with advanced therapeutic machines, our Rehab department is specifically designed to get our patients back on their feet and back to normality as quickly as possible.

However our assistance doesn’t end there; if a patient needs more help,, we arrange the services of a prosthesist, podiatrist or speech and language therapists and work with external agencies to make sure patients have the appropriate care and medical aids when they get back home.



Our award-winning Department of Radiology provides a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service, including general X-ray, MRI, CT and Dexa scanning, bone densitometry, ultrasound and cardiac catheterisation.


These are crucial resources for the diagnosis and detection of potentially life threatening illnesses. The recent launch of the “Get Checked Early Lung Cancer” campaign, fronted by Sir Alex Ferguson, has emphasised the importance of this service and the difference it can make, not just to individual patients, but entire families.  So we strongly encourage everyone to please, get checked early: it can make all the difference.


Medical Physics

To provide the range of services, surgeries and treatments we offer, we require an extensive range of machinery, microprocessors and technology; this is where our Medical Physics Department come in.

Committed to providing the best possible management of over 7,000 items of medical equipment, including ventilators, infusion pumps and MRI scanners, our team are constantly striving to improve and make sure we continue to deliver high quality, modern and most importantly effective and safe patient care.


This is just a small selection of the services we provide, I hope it gives an insight into the diverse range of skills and teamwork it takes to produce the high standard of care we deliver on a daily basis.  


As we come to the end of 2013, I want to take this opportunity to thank every single person involved in delivery care and service across the hospital, the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre and the  Beardmore Centre for Health Science for their professionalism, compassion and commitment to doing a good job, every time and every day.  It is hugely appreciated.  With the help of all of our staff, we’ll keep looking for new ways to improve our service and expand our work for patients acrossScotland.    

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