Published: Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Chair blog: research




This month I want to tell you about the groundbreaking research being carried out here at theGoldenJubileeNationalHospital.


Since establishing our Research and Development Department (R&D) in 2007 and opening our Clinical Research Facility in 2011 (CRF), we have been pioneering new procedures and techniques – all of which have the potential to provide better outcomes and a better standard of life for our patients.


I believe that research is absolutely crucial; not only for the Golden Jubilee, but for the NHS as a whole. Working alongside our key partners from Universities, Scottish Government, NHS and other non profit organisations across theUKand around the world, we are able to bring together a cross section of knowledge and experience, which allow us to make positive strides in tackling some of the main healthcare challenges facing thousands of individuals every day.


And this year is our most productive and successful to date with with a total of 24 research projects (mixture of commercial and non commercial) being conducted.


So much is going on that  earlier this month our Board members attended a Research Day, where our leading clinicians gave us detailed presentations across our four main clinical areas - Cardiology; Cardiothoracic surgery; Anaesthetics and Orthopaedic surgery with positive steps and developments highlighted across the spectrum. We talked through our progress, the set backs, the potential outcomes of the ongoing trials and importantly, what more needs to be done to support our research teams in their innovative and important work.


Late last year we began the UK’s first gene therapy trial for advanced heart failure: CUPID 2. Previous studies had shown that the treatment known as MYDICAR had the potential to reduce frequency of death, worsening heart failure, hospitalisations, transplants and the need for a mechanical heart in individuals suffering from end stage heart failure. (Click here for more)


As a Centre of Excellence for Orthopaedics, we were also delighted by the progress of our study into Computer assisted navigation in Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) procedures. Our research revealed that by using modern computer navigation equipment, as opposed to the current system which relies mostly on x-rays and the surgeon’s best judgement, the accuracy of THA procedures could be improved by as much as 20%. (Click here for more)


Our specialists have also recently been published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Collegeof Cardiology for their research which identified the potential benefits of delayed stenting to assist recovery in ‘high risk’ heart attack patients. 


Another highlight of the day was the dramatic increase of activity in the field of anaesthetic academia. Between 2000 and 2005, there had been an 18% decline in the number of Readers and Senior Lecturers in the field. However, following a concentrated effort in 2008/9 to focus anaesthetic research at the Golden Jubilee, working alongside other NHS Boards, organisations and the University of Glasgow, our CRF has tripled the number of studies registered and patients recruited to take part in trials.


While these are only a select few of the many positives presented to us  on the day, they illustrate very clearly the ongoing quality and diversity of the research being undertaken at the Golden Jubilee, placing us in a strong position to deliver on our ambition of leading quality, innovation and research for NHS inScotland..


As we continue to expand throughout 2014, developing new and innovative methods to keep up with the ever changing world of modern health care, I think we can be proud of  the progress we are making at the Golden Jubilee, providing a brighter future for the NHS and healthcare around the world. And with that pride, we can commit to even more effort to support innovation and research.

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