Published: Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Scottish patients will benefit from pioneering technology




Earlier this month, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Alex Neil, launched an ambitious new national health and social care innovation fund, which aims to raise millions of pounds to develop original and pioneering treatments for Scotland’s patients. 

I am delighted that the Golden Jubilee National Hospital will work on behalf of the whole NHS in Scotland to raise these funds from a variety of sources, including donations and European grants.

As a national resource with a vision of leading quality, research and innovation, we will be promoting current innovations within NHSScotland and supporting the development of new ideas. This means that the people of Scotland will get better and quicker access to world-leading care as the fund makes the early roll-out of proposals possible.

NHSScotland is leading the way in many aspects of modern healthcare – our quality agenda, and particularly the Scottish Patient Safety Programme is well renowned across the world. I have written previous blogs on the Golden Jubilee’s world class research trials and ground breaking innovations ((links)), so you will know why I believe that we are in the perfect position to develop and expand new technologies and techniques fit for our twenty-first century healthcare service.


Priority areas where there is the greatest need for innovation will be important in deciding where to allocate the funds. But it is also important that the fund will enable ideas, to be tested which have proof of concept but not yet evidence of benefits to patients..


What we will not be doing is replacing the flow of good ideas or improvements that are being developed in each and every region across Scotland. Nor will the fund be used for mainstream services or research activities that are currently funded through existing routes. Instead, it will support initiatives that create and turn excellent ideas into improved services for patients.

There are so many new types of medicines, new health and communications technologies, and new thinking about how to make care suit the needs of every patient. It is right and proper that the fund support new ways for people to record and monitor their own health through the use of new technologies that puts people more in control of their own health.


To continue to meet patient expectations and provide quality care, we must constantly develop. Being innovative in the way we work, and implementing effective new ideas, is an integral part of building a culture of improvement.


As we move on to our next chapter cementing our role as a national resource for the NHS in Scotland, we are very excited about the possibilities and potential that the future holds. Although we are pleased with the current development, this announcement is not about the Golden Jubilee as the centre leading innovation for NHSScotland, but the potential impact that we may have in helping our nation’s health and wellbeing in the future.

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