Published: Monday, July 20th, 2015

Chair blog: getting to the heart of our foundation




Last month, we were proud to announce the launch of the new brand name for our campus: the Golden Jubilee Foundation. This re-branding reflects out integrated approach to leading quality, research and innovation, taking full advantage of our shared campus and facilities.

This month, I want to talk in more depth about the important role played by the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel (currently known as the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre) and the Golden Jubilee Research Institute (currently known as the Beardmore Centre for Health Science).

A recognised Conference Centre of Excellence and a four star hotel, the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel forms an essential part of our vision for the Foundation. Providing purpose built, state of the art facilities to provide meeting and training venues for leading companies and international clients, particularly well suited to hosting clinical, medical technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical events, the Hotel is also recognised as the national NHS and public sector conference venue.

With fibre optic audio visual links direct from the 174 seat Auditorium to the hospital’s cardiac catheterisation laboratories and imaging suites, the Hotel offers a unique, dynamic setting to facilitate learning for clinicians and medical professionals from around the world. This allows surgical and medical procedures to be watched in real time, with two-way communication direct to the team.

This is vital to our leadership role for innovation on behalf of the NHS, encouraging and enabling education, creativity and innovation not just for our own team at the Golden Jubilee, but for medical professionals around the UK and abroad, sharing best practice and ensuring the highest possible standard of care is provided wherever possible.

The Golden Jubilee Research Institute has a proven track record as a research and clinical skills facility. In recent years, it has played a major role in ground breaking research trials, including: the benefits of delayed stenting to heart attack patients; the PRAMI study into preventative angioplasty; a host site for the UK’s first gene therapy trials for heart failure as well as establishing that Computer Assisted Arthroplasty could improve accuracy by up to 70% Recently it was announced the institute would play a key role in our first international study into the effectiveness of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI); they were also involved in groundbreaking research which proved that a simple test could predict what happens following a heart attack.

Research is crucial to healthcare in two important ways. It helps us investigate, test out and develop responses to the challenges we face; and it also improves the sum our knowledge and understanding, leading to improvements in healthcare quality, outcomes and care for patients.

As we enter this latest stage of our evolution as the Golden Jubilee Foundation, bringing together the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Golden Jubilee Research Institute, Golden Jubilee Innovation Centre and the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, every part of our shared enterprise and campus has a crucial role to play in ensuring that we are leading in innovation, and continuing to provide the highest possible standard of patient care, from bench to bedside, for all of our patients for years to come.

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