Published: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Golden Jubilee is smoke-free





From the end of this month, all NHSScotland grounds will be completely smoke-free; meaning that smoking, including eCigarettes, will not be allowed anywhere on NHS property.



At the Golden Jubilee, though, we are proud to say that we have been providing a smoke-free environment for all of our patients, visitors and staff since April 2006. This has been an essential part of our dedication to not only providing the highest standard of care for all of our patients but supporting and encouraging them to live healthy, active, lifestyles.



We are the home of regional and national heart and lung services for NHSScotland and know all too well that tobacco remains a major, preventable, health concern and cause of early death in Scotland. Smoking can have a serious and detrimental impact, not only on your health, but to individuals regularly exposed to second hand smoke.



The health issues associated with smoking are often complex; as well as the relatively well known damage this can have on your heart and lungs, smoking can impact your overall wellbeing, including your joints, vision and general physical fitness.



We are proud to support the national smoke-free grounds campaign and are more committed than ever before to make sure that patients and staff benefit from a completely smoke-free environment and have recently increased our on-site signage to raise awareness of our no-smoking rules. We have also run a series of information and awareness raising events, encouraging all of our staff and patients to quit smoking for good.



Whether you are one of our patients, a relative visiting, or even part of our team, please feel free to ask a member of staff for more information about how to give up smoking, and let us help you put out that last cigarette once and for all.

We can only do all of this, with the help, support and co-operation of all of our patients, visitors and staff; please, help us make sure our hospital is the safest and healthiest environment it can be as we continue to grow and develop as Scotland’s flagship hospital.



If you would like to quit smoking, or know someone that does, there are resources which are available to help. Call Smokeline today on 0800 84 84 84 or visit  


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