Published: Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Chair blog: education for innovation


Earlier this month, we launched an extremely exciting collaboration with West College Scotland.


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will allow us to develop employment opportunities for students looking to pursue a career in the healthcare sector, providing practical, real life experience of the workplace along with innovative courses.


Not only will this play a key role in our ongoing Vision to lead quality, research and innovation for NHSScotland, but it will allow us to develop a sustainable workforce to deliver any future expansion to our services.  


As the NHS in Scotland continues to treat more patients than ever before, we have a responsibility to ensure that our staff across all aspects of our services have received the highest possible standard of training and learning opportunities to benefit not only our organisation, but our patients, visitors and their loved ones.


With this in mind, the MOU will focus on clinical support, administration and hospitality and include on the job training for West College Scotland Students; it will also help to support “Developing the Young Workforce” activities and maximise healthcare opportunities for young people in the local community.


In the early stages, our Foundation will benefit in the following areas:


  • Healthcare support in theatres and wards;
  • Outpatient support;
  • Clinical sterile processing;
  • Catering
  • Housekeeping
  • Reception; and
  • Hospitality services within our Conference Hotel


At the Golden Jubilee, we already have a fantastic working relationship with West College Scotland, with many members of our team coming to us from courses they have provided or returning to further develop their careers while working within the organisation. The MOU is in the very early stages, and we look forward to sharing the advantages this brings, not only for our Foundation, but for the College, local community and NHSScotland as a whole in the years ahead.

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