Published: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Good news or bad? We benefit from everyone’s experience


We've just received feedback through the national inpatient survey carried out last year where 584 of our patients answered questions about their experience of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital. This was quite a detailed questionnaire that covered areas such as admission, the hospital and ward environment, care and treatment, operations and procedures, staff, leaving hospital, care after leaving hospital and medicines.

I'm delighted to say that 97% of patients rate the Golden Jubilee as very good with many categories such as cleanliness giving us full marks.

These statistics are great and we've all worked really hard to make sure that patients have the best experience possible while they're here. We all love happy patients. We all love praise and positive feedback. We want to be recognised for the good things being done. But if we were really honest, do we want to deal with issues when it goes wrong?

Historically, private enterprise has always led the way in customer relations. Here at the Golden Jubilee our view is no different. The NHS may be free at the point of care but we believe that patients should be treated exactly the same as a customer of any organisation. That is why it is equally important to know if patients don't get the experience they were expecting or deserve.

Any complaints and/or advice we get from our patients is very significant to how we improve our services for the future. Negative feedback is the best place to start working to make any organisation or team even better.

Some people just never complain, they won't say what bothers them, even if something really does. As an organisation, the Golden Jubilee Foundation is open to receiving all suggestions and complaints. We want to know about the negative feedback, what upsets you. We care about what matters to you – how do we make your experience better? What ideas do you have to make us better?
The tricky part is making sure that, when it is necessary, we make the changes that will make us better, our team better, our facilities and services better. So whether you tell us good news or bad, we benefit from each and every one of our patients.

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