Published: Friday, January 29th, 2016

Chair blog: quality, values and equality


This month I am delighted to tell you that the Golden Jubilee Foundation has been named the Top UK Health and Social Care Provider in the prestigious Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (WEI).


Our Foundation, which incorporates the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Research Institute, Conference Hotel and Innovation Centre, also climbed 41 places over the last 12 months to be ranked as the 29th organisation in the UK as a whole: our best performance so far in the WEI.


The WEI measures how well we are meeting the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) members of our team, and is generally accepted as a good indicator of progress against equality targets overall.


At the Golden Jubilee Foundation, we focus consistently on our patients and our approach to healthcare has at its heart our values of equality, dignity and respect, evident in our work every day.


To make sure we treat each patient well and with respect we know that we need to work with each other in the same spirit.. Everyone who works here is critical to our provision of the highest standard of care and service and we value the rich talents, skills and experiences of our diverse staff.


The success of our approach was discussed at our Annual Review, which took place on 29 January. In 2014/15, the Golden Jubilee treated three thousand more patients than planned, with an additional 18% more procedures carried out.


Our infection control record remains consistently well below national targets, our complaint numbers equate to 0.08% of patient activity (51 complaints), and we achieved a 97% positive engagement score through our interactions with patients, the general public and media coverage.


All these achievements do not happen by accident. Our Quality Framework absolutely sums up why this organisation is successful – it is built on the pillars of good governance, values based interactions with patients, carers and colleagues, scrutiny of service quality assurance indicators and an innovative, can do attitude to new concepts, all alongside our absolute commitment to continuous improvement.


All of this makes the Golden Jubilee Foundation a safe, effective and caring place to be treated and a great, inclusive place to work.

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