Published: Monday, November 30th, 2015

Chair Blog: Vision of the future




As the home of quality, research and innovation for the NHS in Scotland, we are delighted to announce that we are now working on a significant expansion plan that will allow the Golden Jubilee National Hospital to treat more patients than ever before.


This major expansion was part of the Scottish government announcement earlier this month of an additional £200 million NHS Scotland investment over the next 10 years, to continue to meet demand for elective procedures across the country.

While plans are still at a very early stage, the investment will allow the Scottish Government to establish six state-of-the-art facilities across Scotland, using the highly successful model of care and treatment which has been pioneered at the Golden Jubilee. This reduces waiting times, enhances patient care, and utilises the latest technology to build upon the work that we have been undertaking for the last 13 years.

Since becoming part of the NHS in 2002 and originally tasked with reducing waiting times across NHSScotland, we have grown to become the home of regional and national heart and lung services, one of the busiest orthopaedic centres in the UK, a major centre for ophthalmology and a leading facility for research and innovation.


In addition to providing more front line services for Scottish patients, we continue to focus on making a positive impact on the lives of patients coming through our doors, by leading the way in groundbreaking medical research and new techniques. Amongst many achievements, we recently became the first hospital in Scotland to implant a life saving new MultiPoint Pacing (MMP) device in a patient suffering from heart failure.

MMP is a potentially groundbreaking piece of technology used for administering Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) in patients where the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently. Until now, CRT devices were only able to stimulate the affected area in one place; this technology allows two locations to be "paced" at the same time.


We are now undertaking a large scale study with the hope of demonstrating that this treatment provides improved responses, potentially reducing hospitalisations, improving symptoms of heart failure and providing a better quality of life for our patients. Looking ahead, it is hoped that MMP can become the standard treatment for any patient who needs CRT.


We are very excited by the possibilities of this, and the many other groundbreaking advances which are being made at the Golden Jubilee on a daily basis. We're helping to build the blocks to achieve a brighter and healthier future for tomorrow's patients.


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