Published: Friday, January 27th, 2017

 Chair blog: 20 years of innovation



As we begin the New Year, we are celebrating a landmark accomplishment for one of our pioneering Orthopaedic Consultants.


Earlier this month, Mr Frederic Picard celebrated 20 years since he performed the world’s first computer assisted knee replacement.


The Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) was performed at Grenoble Hospital, France, in 1997 and marked the culmination of four years dedicated study and research to make it possible.


Developed alongside Francois Leitner, an expert computer engineer, and Professor Dominique Sargaglia, the revolutionary process allows surgeons to navigate through complex joint replacement surgery by calculating key areas of the procedure, such as angle of the knee, flexion of the bone, and range of motion.


Fred introduced CAOS to the Golden Jubilee in 2005, and since then we have been leading the way in helping to drive and innovate this technology which is hugely beneficial to our patients: providing better alignment of the knee, reduces the potential for complications, shorter length of stay in hospital, and is significantly less invasive than conventional methods.


This is a very special landmark, both for Mr Picard and our Orthopaedic service at the Golden Jubilee. We are committed to leading quality, research and innovation for NHSScotland, and in recent years our team has worked to help implement, develop and improve the technology needed to offer the highest quality care for our patients.


At the moment, half of all knee replacements in Scotland are performed with CAOS. At the Golden Jubilee, our team have continued to expand the use of this technology to other joint replacements, with 65% of all those carried out using this innovative technology.


As a centre of excellence for Orthopaedics, our pioneering team are playing a pivotal role in leading on groundbreaking, complex and innovative surgery. Mr Picard has used CAOS to revolutionise total knee replacements and it is a huge honour for our team to have this expertise within the department.

With improvements in robotic tools and new software, within the next 20 years, all knee replacements across the world are likely to be performed using this process. It is vital that we continue to help develop this cutting edge technology, for the benefits not only of patients all across Scotland, but across the UK and beyond.

As we begin the New Year, we are celebrating a landmark accomplishment for one of our pioneering Orthopaedic Consultants. 

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