Published: Monday, March 27th, 2017

Chair blog: creating a healthier Scotland


In this month's Blog, I would like to talk about the latest development here at the Golden Jubilee Foundation; specifically, the exciting launch of our Centre for Health and Wellbeing.


After extensive review and engagement, we have agreed a new long term, evolutionary strategy, which will allow the Centre for Health and Wellbeing, formerly the Beardmore Health Club, to become a key, unique, part of our Foundation.


This strategy will, not only allow us to continue to develop our objective to offer more accessible health and fitness opportunities for members of the local community and delegates of the Hotel, but also aligns to the Scottish Government's vision to create a healthier Scotland, promoting an active, healthy population.


At this stage, the Centre for Health and Wellbeing is a concept which will continue to take shape over the next four years. This will include working extensively with all parts of the Foundation, identifying areas which could benefit from collaborative working. We will be running "proof of concept" research, testing and pilot projects, all with the clear goal in mind of improving our services for the people of Scotland.


In the meantime, the Centre continues to enhance the custom built facilities available in our Conference Hotel. As they strive to be recognised internationally as a leading venue for medical, technical and pharmaceutical events, guests and delegates are encouraged to make use of the gym, sauna and swimming pool facilities. Visitors also have access to our highly trained Fitness Team, who are on hand to offer guidance and support.


As this project continues to develop, we will have more details on how the Centre for Health and Wellbeing will help us with our vision of 'leading quality, research and innovation' across NHSScotland. However, I am very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for our Foundation and the public health benefits that will follow.


For more information on the Centre for Health and Wellbeing, click here.


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