Published: Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Chair blog: fond farewells



This month, I want to take the opportunity to bid a fond farewell to two individuals who have played a major role in some of the incredible things we have accomplished over the last eight years.


Earlier this month, we officially said goodbye to Jack Rae and Maire Whitehead after eight years as Non Executive Directors of our Board.


Jack’s incredible commitment to ensuring quality at every level of our organisation has been invaluable. Acting as a strong voice for both staff and patients, Jack’s incredible commitment to ensuring quality at every level of our organisation shone through in his role as Chair of the Person Centred Committee. Over the years our Staff Survey and Employee Engagement Scores have been consistently high, showing we are meeting our commitment to teams; he has also been vital in ensuring that patients are involved in both the development and improvement of our services for NHSScotland.


Through personal conversations with our Volunteers, I can attest to the fantastic legacy that Maire will be leaving behind. As the Chair of the Volunteer Forum, she ensured that our ever growing team of individuals continued to find new ways to help improve patient experience and become an integral part of the day to day running of the Golden Jubilee Foundation. This has delivered fantastic results for our organisation, recently leading to us receiving Investing in Volunteers status for the third time in a row: one of the only organisations in the UK to have accomplished this.


Since they joined our Board in 2009, Jack and Maire have been consistent, steady influences, during the busiest and most exciting time in our 15 year history, actively supporting our staff through multiple expansions and changes in our role within NHSScotland.


They should both be extremely proud of everything they have accomplished during their time as a Non Executive Directors of the Golden Jubilee Foundation. We have gradually grown into an organisation that is highly regarded on a global scale, with plans in place to continue to enhance and evolve dramatically in the years ahead. This is due in no small part to their efforts, leadership and guidance.


On behalf of the entire organisation, I want to wish both of them good luck and best wishes as they move on to the next chapter in their journey. 

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