Published: Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Chair blog: our Armed Forces


For the past 15 years, the Golden Jubilee has been a proud supporter of the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces Reservists, becoming a Ministry of Defence Recognised Supportive Employer in 2013, and signing the Armed Forces Covenant in 2016.


Because of this, I am delighted to say that earlier this month we joined an elite group of organisations across the country, when the Ministry of Defence announced they will be awarding us the Gold Award as part of their Employer Recognition Scheme.


We know the amazing contribution that members of the Forces, Reservists, Veterans, and their families have to offer, and the fantastic transferable skills they can bring into our organisation.


That is why we have continually supported both clinical and non-clinical reservist staff who have served overseas in places such as Afghanistan; working around their commitments to ensure they are able to continue their work at the Jubilee while supporting our Armed Forces.


In addition to our daily work, we are also committed to protecting the legacy and honouring the memory of some of the brave individuals who have given their lives in service.


Built on the site of the former Beardmore shipyard, we are now the home of the permanent memorial monument for the HMS Lancastria. The Lancastria was a troop ship, serving in World War Two which was tragically bombed off the French coast of St Nazaire during the Dunkirk evacuations. Less than 2,500 of the 9,000 people aboard survived, making this the worst maritime disaster in history. Last year, we held a special ceremony, commemorating the 75th anniversary of this terrible event, and will continue to work with the Lancastria supporters  to make sure this is never forgotten.

We are dedicated to making sure that members of the Armed Forces are treated fairly, and in the years to come we will continue to expand our strategic partnership with the armed forces, as well as providing new ways of working, sharing best practice and providing innovative, transferable training opportunities.


Members of the Armed Forces bring a wide and unique mix of skills, experience and leadership to our team, allowing us to improve our standard of care and deliver better outcomes for our patients.


Going forward, I am excited to see our collaborations continue to grow and evolve as we expand as a national resource for NHSScotland, helping more people than ever before.




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