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This page is dedicated to providing you with all the latest news and bulletins in relation to our expansion programme.


You can find below a list of all documents and bulletins and links to relevant press releases.


For any further information relating to the expansion, contact the Communications team on 0141 951 5073/5195 or email comms@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk


Press Releases

Title of Release               Date of Release
Building work starts on Golden Jubilee’s new cataract unit   29 March 2019
Chair Blog: Golden Jubilee expansion takes a step forward   30 November 2017
Golden Jubilee expansion moves forward   17 November 2017
An eye to the future        12 June 2017

£5 million investment to boost the economy and improve patient care

  10 August 2016
Multi million pound vision of the future   9 November 2015
Name Date Published  Extension   Filesize  
18-March-2019 pdf 20KB
18-March-2019 pdf 85KB
18-March-2019 pdf 113KB
18-March-2019 pdf 17KB
18-March-2019 pdf 1805KB
18-March-2019 pdf 1086KB
18-March-2019 pdf 238KB
18-March-2019 pdf 411KB
18-March-2019 pdf 880KB
18-March-2019 pdf 206KB
18-March-2019 PDF 472KB
18-March-2019 pdf 184KB
18-March-2019 pdf 18KB
18-March-2019 pdf 654KB
18-March-2019 pdf 368KB
18-March-2019 pdf 1006KB
07-December-2018 pdf 85KB
29-October-2018 pdf 2842KB
03-October-2018 pdf 1719KB
17-September-2018 pdf 197KB
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