Published: Monday, September 19th, 2011

Beardmore Centre for Health Science heralds a new era of medical research and innovation


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Today (Monday 19 September 2011), Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy, officially opened the Beardmore Centre for Health Science at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


As Scotland's new clinical skills and research centre, the centre offers state of the art facilities that allows innovative research and provides the latest technology for the training of all health professionals.


Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nicola Sturgeon said: "The new Beardmore Centre of Health Science will provide a focal point for training and research activity within the NHS in Scotland, greatly enhancing the excellent facilities already on offer at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


"The new centre will provide consulting rooms to enhance the experience of patients participating in clinical trials – a move which will also enable the Golden Jubilee to increase the number of trials offered. It will also offer new training rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as fibre optic visual links to help enhance surgical skills training through the rest of Scotland through live streaming of surgical procedures from the hospital.


"These new facilities, together with the unique combination of the existing hospital and hotel facilities, will make the Beardmore an ideal venue for NHS staff development, training and research."


About the research

The research that will happen at the Beardmore Centre for Health Science focuses on the Golden Jubilee's key specialties – including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, pulmonary vascular disease, advanced heart failure, orthopaedics and anaesthetics.


Patients across Scotland are already benefiting from the Orthopaedic Enhanced  Recovery Programme that was pioneered by the Golden Jubilee's multidisciplinary team – not only allowing patients to be up and about on their day of surgery, but also leading to Scotland's lowest length of stay for hip and knee replacements (four days).


And, along with the University of Glasgow, the hospital has recently been awarded £3.9M from the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation for a study on how to prevent the failure of heart bypass grafts.


Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee, said: "Our Clinical Research Facility will provide the clinical infrastructurenecessary to conduct high quality research in an environment designed to respect the patient's safety, wellbeing and privacy.


"We want to ensure that our research spans from bench to bedside, providing real benefits for the treatment and health improvement of future generations."


About our clinical skills centre

The Beardmore Centre for Health Science ensures that staff across NHSScotland have access to a clinical skills area with in-built audio visual links to the Golden Jubilee's theatres, cardiac catheterisation laboratories and diagnostic imaging suite. It also has a patient simulator and a dedicated surgical skills area with its own wet lab.


The venue has already hosted Scotland's first ever training course for doctors on single lung ventilation using a patient simulator. Experts from across the UK and the United States have also met there to learn innovative techniques for opening blocked heart arteries.


Jeane Freeman, Chair of the NHS National Waiting Times Centre Board that manages the Golden Jubilee and the Beardmore Centre for Health Science, adds:


"As an NHS Board, we have a collective responsibility to create a motivated, committed and appropriately skilled workforce, but we want to go further than that. Within our clinical skills area we want to ensure that we have a facility where NHSScotland's workforce can learn from us as well as being able to access the latest techniques deployed from across the globe."



Date of release: Monday 19 September 2011

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