Published: Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Inpatient survey reveals more positive patient experiences at National Hospital




Patients are continuing to have a positive experience at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital according to the results from the latest national patient experience survey.


Surveys were sent to a random sample of inpatients as part of Better Together, NHSScotland's national programme to find out what patients think about their experiences of healthcare services in Scotland.


Surveys were sent to 1394 patients asking questions relating to their overnight stay in the Golden Jubilee between October 2009 and September 2010.


With 1057 people returning their completed questionnaires, that gives the hospital a response rate of over 75% for the survey – an improvement on the 72% who responded to the first ever national survey of hospital inpatients in 2009/10.


Our top five results (highest percentage positive scores)


99% of respondents understood how and when to take their medicines99% of respondents thought the ward or room they stayed in was clean99% of respondents trusted the people looking after them99% of respondents had privacy when being examined and treated99% of respondents were treated with care.


Our bottom five results (highest percentage negative scores)


80% of respondents were not bothered by noise at night85% of respondents were not bothered by noise during the day76% of respondents knew who was in charge of the ward82% of respondents were given help with arranging transport92% of respondents felt involved in decisions about their care and treatment.


Shona Chaib, Nurse Director at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, commented: "We are extremely grateful to all of the patients who took the time out to complete this survey and tell us about their experience of being an inpatient at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


"Early indications show that the majority of our patients have had a positive experience, but we do not want to be complacent. It is disappointing when a patient tells us they have not had the experience they were expecting so we guarantee that we will look into these areas to see if we can make any improvements for the future."


The provisional results will now be examined closely by the NHS National Waiting Times Centre – the NHS special board that manages the Golden Jubilee – and the Scottish Government to improve the quality of healthcare in Scotland by focusing us on the areas that people tell us are important to them and where they consider we could do better.


The final results can be found online at and



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