Published: Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

National hospital has another national first


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The Golden Jubilee National Hospital is today hosting Scotland's first ever training course for doctors on single lung ventilation using a patient simulator.


The training course for new and existing Anaesthetists gives clinicians the ability to assess and recommend treatments for optimisation of a patient undergoing thoracic (lung) surgery. It also ensures the Anaesthetist:


  • has the ability to manage a patient undergoing one lung ventilation;
  • conducts the safe delivery of anaesthetic care during surgery to patients for minor and major thoracic procedures; and
  • can correctly select appropriate airway management and other methods for the intended procedure.


The course comprises of skill stations to learn techniques for successful lung isolation and simulated scenarios to learn management strategies for emergencies.


By using a patient simulator, delegates can integrate the practical thoracic skills and human factors required for clinical success.


Dr Mark Steven, Consultant Thoracic Anaesthetist at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, commented: "We are delighted to host the first Scottish 'One lung' course here at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital – home to regional and national heart and lung services.


"We are providing our colleagues with the practical skills, decision making processes and human factor issues that can happen daily within a surgery setting. By doing this, we are ensuring that our clinicians have the best skills possible to treat the Scottish population."


Alan Kirk, Director of Medical Education at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, added: "We are committed to delivering the best training to all of our doctors to meet the demands of NHSScotland. However, this is also about ensuring that we have the necessary skills to harness new technologies for the benefit of future generations."



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