Published: Friday, January 21st, 2011

NHS Board is number one for equality


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The NHS National Waiting Times Centre has been ranked first out of five NHS Boards who took part in this year's Stonewall Workplace Equality Index – a measure of how an organisation meets the needs of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) staff and service users.


Using this national benchmarking tool allows organisations to measure their own progress against other public and private companies and institutions within the UK. Indeed, the NHS Special Health Board's score for this year is above the national Scottish average.


Jeane Freeman, Chair of the NHS National Waiting Times Centre Board, said:

"Every single person who works here or who uses our high quality services is important to us and their contribution is valued.


"Using the Equality Index helps us to make sure that our policy and our practice is a good as it should be. I'm pleased that this year's results show that we have improved on last year and are committed to ongoing improvement.


"Everyone involved in this important work should be proud that, because of their efforts, we are ensuring that our workplace and our services are welcoming and supportive to everyone."


Over the last year, the NHS National Waiting Times Centre has:

  • increased awareness of the management of bullying and harassment issues and introduced Confidential Contacts to support staff experiencing Dignity at Work problems (including anti-gay bullying and harassment);
  • established relationships with community groups working on LGB issues;
  • improved our approach to Equality Impact Assessment of our Board policies; and
  • strengthened leadership structures and champions for LGB equality at Board level.


Jane Christie, Employee Director and one of the Sexual Orientation Equality Leads at the Board, added: "Our workplace equality index score has improved year on year but we are not complacent. We will continue to work with Stonewall to identify further areas for improvement.


"In particular, we will work to improve diversity training for all levels of staff, especially line managers, and we will also look for opportunities to liaise with local LGB community groups.


"We are pleased that the index score is a useful indicator of our progress across all of the equality groups."



Date of release: Friday 21 January 2011


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