Published: Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

UK first as National NHS Board 'Invests in Diversity'



The NHS National Waiting Times Centre (NWTC) is the first NHS organisation in Scotland to sign up for the new Investor in Diversity standard.


As a national resource for NHSScotland, NWTC – which manages the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, the Beardmore Centre for Health Science and the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre – strives to lead the way in everything that they do.


By aiming straight for the highest accreditation available – Leaders in Diversity – they are demonstrating their commitment to diversity and equality issues and leading the way for other NHS and public sector organisations to do the same.


Leaders in Diversity aims to strengthen internal leadership capacity and relationships with external partners and to positively influence other organisations to make necessary and reasonable adjustments to the way they operate when it comes to equality and diversity.


Lindsey Ferries, Human Resources Director and Equalities Lead for NWTC, said: "We are delighted to be the first NHS organisation in the UK to commit to achieving Investors in Diversity accreditation.


"Here at the NHS National Waiting Times Centre we pride ourselves on our inclusive attitude and behaviours. We have put in place a range of policies and procedures to ensure that we can continue to include and involve staff and patients from all walks of life in everything that we do.


"The Investor in Diversity programme provides an excellent framework to recognise our efforts in this area and enable us continuously improve and develop our approach to equality and diversity for all."


About Investors in Diversity

The Investors in Diversity (IID) accreditation scheme is designed to help organisations achieve an inclusive organisational culture which enables every employee to succeed and feel valued, regardless of their background.


It was first established in 2006 to enable and assist organisations of all kinds to adopt and develop behaviours and practices which promote inclusion, equality, diversity and achievement.


The scheme, which is administered by the National Centre for Diversity, requires organisations to undertake a structured journey towards accreditation.


It will take NWTC around three years to achieve the Leaders in Diversity accreditation, which involves going through all three stages:


  • Stage one – Health Check for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Stage two – Full Investor in Diversity
  • Stage three – Leaders in Diversity


Solat Chaudhry, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Diversity, commented:  "We are delighted that the NHS National Waiting Times Centre is the first Scottish NHS organisation to begin their journey towards becoming Investors in Diversity, and are only the second organisation in Scotland to embark on becoming Leaders in Diversity – the highest and most prestigious accreditation offered by the National Centre for Diversity.


"We would like to extend our congratulations and a warm welcome to their leaders and staff.


"By engaging with the Investors in Diversity programme, they have demonstrated a real and tangible commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion – going above and beyond the call of duty and, instead, striving to be amongst the very best.


"We are confident that all at the NHS National Waiting Times Centre will work hard to embrace the Standard and gain a huge amount from their journey towards achieving the prestigious award. We look forward to working with them in years to come."



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