Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

National hospital introduces new system to benefit heart and lung patients




Heart and lung patients will benefit from a new clinical information system called the Cardiac, Cardiology and Thoracic Health Information System, or CaTHI, which has been developed at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


CaTHI is a web based application that is used to capture data throughout the cardiac, cardiology and thoracic patients’ journey from diagnostic assessments and surgical procedures to discharges and follow-ups.


The Golden Jubilee commissioned the development of the system by Amor Group. By providing the clinicians with easy access to all of the relevant patient information, as well as producing reports, patient letters and operation notes, CaTHI has streamlined administrative procedures within the hospital. This means a smoother and safer transition for patients as they move through the stages of their treatment.


The application also tracks target treatment dates for each patient journey which helps the Golden Jubilee to improve on service delivery and timely treatments. Making it easier to monitor the hospital’s clinical performance and waiting times is particularly relevant with guarantees as part of the Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011.


William Edwards, Head of eHealth at the Golden Jubilee, commented: “When using CaTHI, clinicians will be prompted to input important patient data at logical points along the patient’s journey. It’s a single point system which means they can retrieve accurate and up to date information relating to their patients in one easy to access location.”


Alistair Flowerdew, Medical Director, adds: “By using this system, we can view a patient’s full medical history instantly at the touch of a button. This is invaluable when making decisions about optimal care. CaTHI has made it possible to provide an even better level of service to our patients, which is something we take very seriously at the Golden Jubilee.”

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