Published: Monday, January 16th, 2012

NHS Board is number one for equality again




16th Jan 2012












For the second year in a row, the NHS National Waiting Times Centre has been ranked the best Scottish NHS Board in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index (WEI).


This year we came seventh of all organisations in Scotland, and have moved up 58 places to be 166th in the United Kingdom.


The WEI is a measure of how an organisation meets the needs of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) staff and service users and is a good indicator for equality generally. The Index was revised for this year to measure the extent to which employers were developing best practice approaches to their equality work.

Using this national benchmarking tool allows organisations to measure their own progress against other public and private companies and institutions within the UK.


Over the last year, the NHS National Waiting Times Centre has:

  • helped more staff to understand the harmful effect of bullying and harassment and made them aware of the support available from our Confidential Contacts and LGB leads;
  • strengthened relationships with local community groups working on LGB issues;
  • used a variety of communication methods to increase staff awareness of Equalities issues and promoted best practice for staff management and patient care; and
  • been selected to present our model of community and volunteer involvement at the Stonewall Scotland best practice seminar.

Carole Anderson, one of the Sexual Orientation Equality Leads at the Board, added: “We are delighted that our workplace equality index score is continuing to improve year on year, even with the tougher scoring criteria, and will continue to work with Stonewall to identify any further areas for improvement.


“We continually work to improve diversity training for all levels of staff, and will look to focus on improving our equality outcomes with our procurement and community partners”.


Jeane Freeman, Board Chair, praised staff for their efforts, commenting:


“Everyone involved in this important work should be proud that, because of their efforts, we are ensuring that our workplace and our services are welcoming and supportive to everyone.  When we offer a good work environment for all our staff, we improve the environment each patient experiences and that improves the quality of the overall care they receive and should expect.”

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