Published: Friday, April 19th, 2013

Artists commemorate 10 years of national hospital


Project ability teaser 


Six unique pieces of art will be unveiled tomorrow (Friday 19 April) to commemorate 10 years of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


The artwork was undertaken by a team from Project Ability –a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation who work in partnership with people with disabilities and their support agencies across the UK.


However, the project was especially significant as many of the artists have either been treated at the Golden Jubilee or have relatives or friends who have been cared for at the hospital.


On the eve of the unveiling, Jeane Freeman, Chair of the NHS Board that manages the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, commented: "We wanted to ensure that we worked with people who are part of our community and understood the benefit that the Golden Jubilee National Hospital brings to, not just the West of Scotland, but also Scotland as a whole.


"So it is very fitting that, not only did the artists capture various elements of the work we do here such as heart, lung and orthopaedic surgery, but also that many of them have experienced the high quality care and treatment personally.


"We could not have asked for a better way to celebrate our achievements over the last ten years and we thank all the artists and team at Project Ability for their creative, inspirational and lasting artwork."


Elisabeth Gibson, Director at Project Ability added: "As an organisation, we create opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence.


"So we were delighted to work with the Golden Jubilee to create a lasting memento of their 10 years of achievements whilst providing our artists with a new dimension  to their portfolio of work."


Photo shows a small area of one of the pieces of art.

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