Published: Monday, October 28th, 2013

The Golden Jubilee exceeding, improving and expanding




At today’s Annual Review, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (GJNH) revealed that over the past year they have continued to exceed targets, improve care and expand their services.


During 2012 – 13, all patients were treated within their waiting time guarantee. They also exceeded their activity target by 6%, performing 23,293 inpatient, day case and diagnostic procedures throughout 2012-13.


This was accompanied by an improvement in patient care and satisfaction as complaints against the GJNH dropped by 29% and over the last year 98% of patients felt they received high quality of care.


The Golden Jubilee has also expanded its Orthopaedic Department, to accommodate an additional 300 procedures a year, taking its capacity to approximately 3,800. Due to increased demand for orthopaedic procedures, this expansion is set to continue.


 Preparations are also underway to double the number of Ophthalmology procedures which are carried out at the hospital, allowing them to treat approximately 10% of all cataract patients in NHSScotland.  .


The annual review also allowed members of the public the opportunity to have their voice heard and learn first hand of the other improvements and changes in the hospital and its services:


The Golden Jubilee’s performance highlights:

  • Their Thoracic Unit remained the busiest in the UK, increasing resection rates for lung cancer patients from 10% to 15% in just five years. All 357 cases in 2012-13 were treated within the 31 day guarantee.
  • The organisation ranked top NHS Board in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index for the third year running.
  • Hand hygiene across the hospital scored 99% for both opportunity and technique.
  •  The hospital continued to deliver low levels of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI).
  • The Golden Jubilee had no delayed discharges.
  • The Board achieved all financial targets.
  • The Beardmore Centre for Health Science increased its number of internationally renowned clinical trials and continued to deliver a clinical skills training facility for NHSScotland.


Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee, commented: “I am thrilled with our progress over the last 12 months. We have helped pave the way for new technologies, trials and expansions. Going forward this will mean the highest possible quality and standard of care for even more people acrossScotland.


“In the future we believe there are opportunities to expand as a national resource. We aim to deliver this by effectively utilising our campus more and working with local authority partners, to support Health and Social Care Integration and to ensure that we provide the best possible health and wellbeing for all of our patients.”

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