Published: Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Driving up hospital quality control 


Quality dashboards visit


Virtual Dashboards improve patient care at Jubilee


Health Secretary Alex Neil today hailed the “outstanding innovation in quality control” for patients at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital as he was given a demonstration of new Dashboard displays.

The interactive displays - which feature graphics on hospital performance in vital areas, including patient care, cleanliness and efficiency - are fitted in public areas and readily accessible throughout the Golden Jubilee, giving patients and staff updates on how the hospital is meeting its targets.

Health Secretary Alex Neil said: “The Golden Jubilee has an outstanding track record of innovation and the Dashboards are another excellent example of the hospital driving forward safe, effective care that is focused on the needs of patients, and I’m keen to see this approach to increasing openness and transparency replicated across Scotland.

“By giving constant updates on how the hospital is performing, staff and patients alike can be reassured that quality control is at the heart of the work being undertaken.

“This reflects our ongoing work to promote excellence in our NHS by monitoring standards of care and providing patients with an analysis of the quality of care throughout the hospital with the most up-to-date information in as near real time as possible.”

Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, said: “As a national resource for the NHS in Scotland, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital’s vision is to lead quality, research and innovation.

“We use Dashboards as part of our Quality Framework to give assurance at all levels that safe, effective, person-centred care is delivered at all times. By looking at the information in as near real time, we can see at a glance any trends, correlation or impacts of multiple Indicators, such as sickness, training, or infection rates, as well as highlighting areas for improvement.

“We also use our Dashboard technology to simplify complex information on the areas that our patients, carers, and visitors have told us are important to them.”


Picture shows (Left to Right): Jeane Freeman, Chair; Jill Young, Chief Executive; and Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health

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