Published: Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Electric car chargers help keep Golden Jubilee cleaner and greener



Continuing their dedication to being an environmentally friendly organisation, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (GJNH) has installed a new electric car charger and dedicated parking bays for patients and visitors.   


The state of the art Chargmaster Charging Unit, installed by Everwarm, allows two cars to be recharged while the patient or visitor attends the Golden Jubilee.


Graduating from the prestigious Carbon Trust’s Carbon Management Programme in 2011, the Golden Jubilee has a strong track record of dedication to environmentally friendly practices; successfully reducing their carbon output in 2012/13 despite increasing activity.   


Discussing the installation, Consultant Anaesthetist and proud electric car owner, Dr Michael Gill commented: “As a national resource for the NHS inScotland, it is very important for us to provide modern facilities and stay ahead of the trends, as well as encouraging staff to give more consideration to environmentally sustainable transport to the Golden Jubilee.


“As technology continues to improve, the environmental and financial benefits of owning an electric car have become more apparent. Several high profile companies throughoutScotlandhave invested heavily in electric car technology and as a result, their popularity has increased.


“At the Golden Jubilee, we pride ourselves on delivering a person centred approach; constantly striving to meet the ever changing needs of our patients and visitors. Installing these charging points in the latest step in demonstrating this.”  


Previously, when visitors to the Golden Jubilee have asked about the possibility of charging electric cars on site, special arrangements were made and these needs were accommodated. With the addition of these new charge points however, the Golden Jubilee is now one of the few hospitals in theUKto be able to provide this state of the art service.


All this week, the hospital has been running a series of events and information stalls in support of Climate Week 2014; promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable hints and tips for day to day life, getting to work and much more. 

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