Published: Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Golden Jubilee helps advance technology in orthopaedics




The Golden Jubilee National Hospital continues their dedication to global quality, research and innovation in healthcare by once again sharing best practice and new techniques to the Orthopaedic surgical community.


Over 150 delegates from across the UK and Europe will attend the 2014 Basic Knee Arthroplasty (replacement) course, which takes place on Friday 7 November at the on-site Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre.


The Course will focus on present and future concepts of knee replacement, with a variety of sessions and workshops being conducted by the course faculty, including several consultants from Switzerland, across Scotland and the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


This particular event is the only one of its kind in Scotland, and is the eighth in a series of intensive hip and knee training courses to have been run at the Golden Jubilee.


Mr Kamal Deep, Organising Chairman and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Golden Jubilee, said: “This year there will be a focus on advanced technology and the future of joint replacement, including the use of robotics and computer navigation. There will also be a session on joint preserving techniques, discussing potential applications of stem cells in regenerating cartilage.


“This is essential for ensuring that young surgeons at the beginning of their career are receiving the right training which will be useful to them for years to come and get them started on advanced techniques quicker. However, this is also an opportunity for established professionals to continue to expand their skill set, finding new and innovative ways to improve patient care and improve outcomes for patients.”


The Golden Jubilee National Hospital continues to be one of the busiest orthopaedic centres in Europe, with the announcement earlier this year that the service would be expanding to accommodate an additional 300 patients per year, and providing approximately 25% of all hip and knee replacements in Scotland by 2015.

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