Published: Monday, September 8th, 2014

Golden Jubilee leading international heart study



The Golden Jubilee National Hospital has announced that it will be leading an international study into an innovative new heart treatment.


Working alongside Venn Life Sciences, the study aims to determine whether the use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) with a new stent with a bio-absorbable coating could be used as an effective method for treating patients with disease in the left-main coronary artery in their heart.


The left-main coronary artery is one of the most important arteries in the human body, providing the major blood supply to the heart muscle. Traditionally, narrowing in this artery has been treated with bypass surgery; recently, however, the Golden Jubilee has been involved in studies which have suggested that for some patients’, this condition can be treated with stents, removing the need for open-heart surgery. This latest trial aims to test the effectiveness of a newly designed stent with a bioabsorbable coating, which has the potential to speed up healing of the artery and additional, long term, benefits for patients.


Discussing the trial, Professor Keith Oldroyd, one of the Principal Investigators, Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Research at the Golden Jubilee said: “The developments in PCI and stenting over the past 20 years have been absolutely incredible. The new stent we will be using in this trial has an innovative coating, which delivers a drug to prevent re-narrowing and over a period of three to four months, dissolves into two harmless components (carbon dioxide and water). This should dramatically improve the healing of the artery and will reduce the length of time a patient has to rely on blood thinning medication.” 


The study will be administered by Venn Life Sciences in five European countries over a two year period with Prof Oldroyd and Prof Robert-Jan van Guens from the prestigious Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland, serving as the co-principal investigators.


Speaking on the agreement with the Golden Jubilee, Chief Executive Officer of Venn Life Sciences, Tony Richardson stated: “This is an area we have been focusing on increasing our business in for many years, and are very delighted to be working with the Golden Jubilee National Hospital to advance research in this incredibly important area of patient care.”


Professor Oldroyd added: “This is the first international trial for which we have acted as sponsor and so we are very excited about what the next several years hold. If successful, this would be a major step forward in establishing stenting as a safe and effective method of treating this condition, potentially improving outcomes for thousands of patients every year.”


The Golden Jubilee National Hospital has a strong track record in pioneering research and was recently named the home of the new national health and social care innovation fund for NHSScotland.

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