Published: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

National Waiting Times Centre Annual Review





The NHS National Waiting Times Centre (NWTC) Annual Review for 2013-2014 will take place on Wednesday 29 October 2014 and will be chaired by Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Alex Neil.


The NWTC incorporates the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre and the Beardmore Centre for Health Science. The Annual Review looks back at the NWTC’s activity over the past 12 months, providing a public forum for analysis, questions and discussion.


The Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Jill Young, said: “We have had a fantastic twelve months as we continue to expand our services, and pave the way for quality, research and innovation on behalf of the NHS in Scotland.


“Our Annual Review is the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our successes, but also for Government and the public to scrutinise any areas that we could have performed better. Hearing feedback and comments from members of the public is an essential part of this, and is vital to creating an environment of continuous improvement.”


The public session will take place at 10.30 on Wednesday 29 October 2014, for approximately one hour, and is open to all interested members of the public.


If you are unable to attend on the day, you are also invited to submit questions via the following methods:

• You can email
• Leave a comment or post on
• You can Tweet our team @JubileeHospital
• You can also leave a comment on our new Comments section.

For the first time, you are also invited to submit your questions via posting a short video to the official Facebook or Twitter pages.

If you would like to attend the National Waiting Times Centre Annual Review, or for more information, email

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