Published: Thursday, June 26th, 2014

UK's fastest heart attack treatment




'Remarkable achievement' by Golden Jubilee Hospital.

Health Secretary Alex Neil has hailed the "outstanding" staff at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, as statistics showed it is leading the UK with the fastest delivery times for potentially lifesaving treatment for heart attack patients.


The figures, from the National Cardiac Benchmarking Collaborative, measure the time taken for a patient to receive Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PPCI) – also known as Balloon Angioplasty – from the moment they enter a hospital.


Fast and effective PPCI – or ‘Door to Balloon’ treatment – improves the chances of survival and reduces the likelihood of permanent damage for heart attack patients.


This process now takes just 21 minutes from the time a patient arrives at the Golden Jubilee’s front door.


Mr Neil said: 

“As a major heart and lung centre, the Golden Jubilee has an outstanding track record in ‘Door to Balloon’ treatment times - leading the UK on this treatment is a remarkable achievement.


“The fact this process takes just 21 minutes is a tribute to the dedication and drive for improvement we see not only from staff at the Golden Jubilee, but across Scotland’s NHS.


“This is an excellent example of how we’re driving innovation in the NHS across Scotland.


“In this case, the substantial investment and redesign in cardiology services are resulting in positive results for people living with heart disease.


“It mirrors our constant efforts to promote excellence in our NHS by increasing funding to record levels and employing more staff across the board. Our health service is one of Scotland’s real success stories – and examples like this at the Golden Jubilee show exactly why.

“However, we’re also committed to preventative care to reduce the number of heart attacks in Scotland. That’s why we support initiatives like the Healthyliving Award and the National Walking Strategy to highlight the importance of a good diet and keeping active, making people more aware of how the choices they make can affect their wellbeing and the simple steps they can take to stay in the best of health.”


Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, said:

“Primary PCI is a highly complex procedure which can only be carried out in Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories by highly trained experts in specialist centres like the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.


“As home to Scotland’s specialist centre for adult heart conditions, our team respond to complex critical cases on a daily basis. As a result, we now provide a world-class standard of care for every patient who comes to us for treatment; having the fastest Door to Balloon time in the UK is a testament to the skill, dedication and expertise of our team.


“Going forward, we will continue to find new, innovative ways to develop and improve our service, ensuring that every patient has the best possible chance to lead a normal, active and healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.”

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