Published: Friday, May 8th, 2015

Advances in arthroplasty




The 2015 Advanced Hip Arthroplasty Course, focusing on the Art of Arthroplasty, will once again be hosted by the Golden Jubilee National Hospital on Friday 15 May, taking place in the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre.


The event continues the hospital’s commitment to providing high quality training, sharing best practice and helping advance the field of orthopaedics internationally.


Over 150 delegates from across the UK and Europe are expected to attend the 2015 Advanced Hip Arthroplasty Course, the only event of its kind in Scotland and free of charge to all attendees.


Mr Kamal Deep, the Organising Chairman and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Golden Jubilee, said: “The theme of this year’s event will be the Art of Arthroplasty, with seminars throughout the day examining a range of topics, including complexities, complications and key decisions in hip surgery, prosthetics, computer navigation, robotics and reconstruction.


“Whether you are at the beginning of your career or are at an advanced stage in your career, it has never been more important to be constantly learning new things, studying new fields and keeping up to date with the latest developments. This is the ninth event of this kind we have run at the Golden Jubilee, and we are proud of our dedication to continue to provide regular, high quality, education to professionals in the field of orthopaedics.”


For more information on attending and to register, head over to


The Golden Jubilee National Hospital is one of the largest specialist and elective orthopaedic centres in Europe. Currently providing 25% of all hip and knee replacements for the NHS in Scotland, as well as leading the way in Computer Assisted Navigation and recently carrying out their first Ankle Replacement procedure, the Golden Jubilee recently announced its latest expansion to carry out an additional 300 primary joint replacements, helping over 4,500 patients every year.

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