Published: Monday, December 14th, 2015

Golden age for research at Scotland's national hospital

The Golden Jubilee Foundation is delighted to announce that it has appointed Professor Colin Berry as its new Director of Research and Development. The exciting announcement accompanies the formation of the Golden Jubilee Research Institute.


A key part of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, the family of facilities which include the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Innovation Centre and Conference Hotel, the Research Institute is a dedicated state of the art resource to investigate, test out and develop responses to the fast changing world of health care, providing improvements in healthcare quality, better outcomes, a higher standard of care and improved performance. 


The Institute also offers a range of skills development rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art Audio-visual links to Theatres, Cath Labs and MRI, it also provides Simulation rooms and Wet Labs alongside innovative medical services for training doctors, surgeons, nurses and other clinicians and healthcare workers.


With over 20 years experience in cardiology, Professor Berry has seen his studies take him all over the world. He graduated initially in Science at the University of Paris and then in Medicine at the University of Glasgow. Whilst training in cardiology he completed a British Heart Foundation funded International Fellowship at the Montreal Institute and then spent two years working at the US National Institute of Health in Washington D.C.


Professor Berry said: “It is a real honour to have been appointed as Director of Research and Development at the Golden Jubilee Foundation.


“The Golden Jubilee is a champion of healthcare innovation and my immediate plans are to assess the research capacity of the hospital. I will be liaising closely with staff and hope to engage with as many people as possible who are interested in conducting research.


“Our research strategy is currently in a consultation phase and I will give presentations to all the different departments here at the Golden Jubilee. Following its acceptance I will be looking forward to implementing this strategy in the years ahead.”


Dr Mike Higgins, Medical Director at the Golden Jubilee, said: “The Golden Jubilee is committed to leading quality, research and innovation for NHSScotland so I am excited to be able to introduce Professor Colin Berry as our new Director of Research and Development.


“Colin has a wealth of experience having been involved in some major research projects across the world and I am confident the Golden Jubilee will benefit from his commitment to pioneering healthcare.”


Professor Berry has been involved with some high profile trials in his time at the Golden Jubilee including the ‘PRAMI study’ in 2013.


This study concluded that patients who had stents placed in their other narrowed arteries, at the same time as the one that triggered the heart attack, were 64 per cent less likely to die, suffer another serious heart attack or have severe angina over the subsequent two years.


In September 2014, Professor Berry led a research team that examined the potential benefits of routinely using a wire guided procedure that can accurately measure blood pressure through a narrowed heart artery, Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), to determine what treatment a patient should receive following a non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI), the most common type of heart attack.


The study found that one in ten patients may not need cardiac intervention following a heart attack and in those that do need stents, the procedure can be targeted more effectively.

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