Published: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Golden Jubilee proud to be Smoke-free




As part of their support of No Smoking Day 2015 on Wednesday 11 March, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital is celebrating its ninth year as a smoke-free environment.


The Golden Jubilee has had a strict no smoking policy anywhere on the grounds since April 2006 as part of their dedication, not only to providing the highest standard of care for each patient, but to support patients and staff to live healthy, active, lifestyles.


Their official policy was also updated in 2013, banning the use of electronic cigarettes and smoke-free cigarettes anywhere within the hospital or on the grounds, including official walking routes, car parks, doorways or entrances, including the adjoining Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre and Beardmore Centre for Health Science.

Anne Marie Cavanagh, Interim Nurse Director for the Golden Jubilee, said: “Tobacco remains a major, preventable, cause of ill health and premature death in Scotland. As the home of regional and national heart and lung services for NHSScotland, we are all too aware of the serious, detrimental, impact which smoking can have on your health, and to individuals regularly exposed to second hand smoke.


“The health issues associated with smoking are often complex, and in addition to damaging the lungs and heart, can have a serious impact on the health of your joints, vision and overall physical fitness.


“We are proud to support the national smoke-free grounds campaign and are more committed than ever before to ensure that all of our patients and staff benefit from a completely smoke-free environment during their visit to the Golden Jubilee.”


Scotland’s flagship hospital has recently increased on-site signage to significantly improve visibility of the no smoking rules. The Golden Jubilee will also be running information and awareness raising events to help staff and patients quit smoking for good.


Anne Marie added: “Whether you are one of our patients, a relative visiting, or even one of our staff, please feel free to ask a member of our team for more information about giving up smoking, and let us help you put out that last cigarette once and for all.”


From Tuesday 31 March, all NHS premises are going to be smoke-free premises. If you, or someone you know, would like help to stop smoking, call Smokeline on 0800 84 84 84 or visit

Pictured: Consultant Thoracic (Lung) Surgeon for the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Mr Alan Kirk.

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