Published: Friday, September 11th, 2015

From the Mersey to the Clyde


As part of Transplant Week 2015, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital has received a donation of more than £8,000 from The Glasgow Reds Official Liverpool Supporters Club and Santander Group PLC to support the team that saved the life of their friend and co-worker, Samantha Bell

Samantha received a heart transplant at the Golden Jubilee in 2011, after being treated by the Scottish Advanced Heart Failure Service (SNAHFS) for Cardiomyopathy (a condition affecting heart muscles) for nearly 10 years. However, in the days leading up to Christmas 2014, Samantha suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Discussing her story, Samantha said: “Whilst in the Jubilee in December last year, I suffered an unexpected cardiac arrest on and my life was saved by the staff of the National Services Division (NSD), amongst many others, and I woke up on Christmas Day. Over the years I’ve formed amazing relationships and become close to so many members of the team, and they were absolutely fantastic, getting me through what was a really scary time.”

Following her most recent stay at the Golden Jubilee, Samantha’s boyfriend Lee Foley and her closest friends and colleagues decided to do something to give back to the team that saved her life. After moving to Glasgow from Liverpool years ago, Lee is the Chairman of Glasgow Reds Official Liverpool Supporters Club and, along with the other members of the club, decided to host a charity race night for the hospital.

Lee said: “The response from the local community along with friends and family of the club was incredible, selling over 150 tickets and receiving donations, raffle prizes and much more, but we couldn’t have done it ourselves. Sam has worked for Santander for over 14 years, and her friends and colleagues decided they wanted to help out. Not only did they help us arrange and organise the race night, but the bank actually offered to match a portion of the money we raised.”

Between The Glasgow Reds and Santander, they were able to raise over £7,000, with an additional £1,000 from various donors. Samantha said: “I didn’t know anything about the race night, it was a total surprise and it means the world to me that everyone has gone to so much effort to give back to the team that have helped me so much over the years.”

Mark Dyer, Interim Senior Charge Nurse for the National Services Division (NSD) at the Golden Jubilee said: “I’ve worked extensively with Samantha, and gotten to know Lee very well over the last several years and this is an incredibly generous donation which will make a huge difference to our patients and their loved ones during their time at the Golden Jubilee.”

Medical Director for the Golden Jubilee, Dr Mike Higgins, added:

“As we mark Transplant Week 2015, donations like this remind us of the importance of organ donation and the amazing difference that our heart failure service can make not just to the lives of our patients, but to entire communities and organisations around the country. On behalf of everyone at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, we want to thank Lee, Sam and everyone involved from The Glasgow Reds and Santander for their hard work and generosity.

“We pride ourselves on an environment of continuous improvement, striving to lead quality, research and innovation on behalf of the NHS in Scotland. This money will help our team to continue to deliver the highest possible standard of patient care for everyone that comes through our doors.”

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