Published: Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Showcasing excellence in enhanced recovery




As part of their dedication to leading quality, research and innovation, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital will be showcasing some of their groundbreaking innovations in improving patient care at the 5th annual Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Conference on Friday 6 November 2015.


The event is dedicated to improving patient recovery following surgery by promoting knowledge and understanding, through sharing research and best practice with medical experts from throughout the UK.


A key part of this event is the Annual Poster exhibition, demonstrating advancements and strategies adopted by NHS Boards across the country. The Golden Jubilee will be displaying six abstracts, and has been selected out of hundreds of submissions to provide two of just seven presentations on the day, more than any other UK Board. Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Andrew Kinninmonth, has also been invited to chair a session focusing on Enhancing Research at the conference.


Medical Director for the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Dr Mike Higgins, said: “The Golden Jubilee has an extremely strong track record in enhanced recovery and is dedicated to continuing to find new ways to ensure our patients have the safest and quickest possible recovery time after surgery.


“As pioneers in Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery, which gets patients up and mobile on the day of surgery, dramatically reducing hospital stays and recovery times, along with providing improved outcomes, we know the importance of sharing best practice for the benefit of patients all across the UK. In recent years we have also dramatically expanded our enhanced recovery programme across multiple specialities, including our cardiothoracic services. As such, the abstracts and observations being presented include three studies from members of our Thoracic team, two from our Orthopaedic Department and one from a dietary and nutritional perspective. We are delighted to see this hard work being recognised on a national stage and I look forward to seeing how these can not only continue to benefit our patients, but help support individuals all across the UK through their journey.”


The Golden Jubilee also recently celebrated more than one year of its pioneering, award-winning, Seven Day Service, which provides equality of care and improved access to therapy as soon as possible after surgery.

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