Published: Monday, February 29th, 2016

Chefs cooking up a storm at the Golden Jubilee



Iain Keown and Allan Campbell will compete in the Hospital Chefs Team Event at Hotelympia


Two chef de parties from the Golden Jubilee National Hospital are in the mix for a prestigious catering award.


Iain Keown and Allan Campbell will head to Hotelympia on Wednesday 3 March to take part in the final of the Hospital Catering Association Hot Cookery Competition.


Commenting on the award, Allan said: “We are delighted to be included in the Hospital Chefs Team Event and are honoured to be representing the Golden Jubilee. We serve nearly 1,500 staff, patients and visitors every day so it is very satisfying to have been nominated for this award and it is a great achievement not just for us but for the hospital as a whole.


“Iain and I have a very good working relationship and we enjoy working with the wider team to provide the hospital with a fantastic catering service every day.”


The chef de parties have nearly 50 years of experience between them, having worked in catering all over the West of Scotland, and use their extensive knowledge every day to provide the hospital’s Golden Bistro canteen with a wide variety of delicious culinary treats.


For the competition, Iain has pointed out that they only have a budget of £2.10 per person to work with and will only be given a limited amount of time to prepare, cook and present a two-course, plated meal for four people.


Two of the portions must be showcased high-end restaurant style, while two meals will be presented as if served from a bulk-service ward trolley.


Iain said: “This is an excellent opportunity for us to test our skills and demonstrate what is on offer every day at the Golden Jubilee. We need to prepare enough food suitable to replicate 50 portions in a similar environment to here, using the same ingredients that we use every day in the hospital.


“It is a very small budget per head and we have only one hour to produce the menu, but as experienced chefs, Allan and I are well prepared for these kinds of challenges.


“We have as good a chance as any of the other teams to win this competition and if we do, our menu selections are to be included on a special NHSScotland menu.”


The team competition is open to teams of two Chefs who work in Healthcare or National Health Service premises. It will be judged on their ability to devise, prepare and present a two course meal.


Each meal must be suitable for a generic NHS patient with emphasis on reduced saturated fats, sugars and salts and be nutritionally sound.


Director of Operations at the Golden Jubilee, June Rogers said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Alan and Iain. As someone who uses the Golden Bistro on a daily basis, I see first-hand that they set really high standards in the quality of food served. Patients regularly comment on the top quality food that we offer here. On behalf of everyone at the Golden Jubilee I would like to wish them the very best of luck in the competition.”


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