Published: Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Golden Jubilee launches staff travel guide




The Golden Jubilee Foundation today (Tuesday 17 May) launched a special travel guide to support all staff travelling to regions outside of the UK.


Launched on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia andBiphobia (IDAHOT), the guide is intended for staff travelling overseas, recognising that they may be exposed to different levels of risk associated with their equality characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, disability status, or sexual orientation.

The latest initiative in their ongoing dedication to equality in the workplace, the travel guide demonstrates the Golden Jubilee’s duty of care to ensure staff are protected from risks to their health and safety.


Jill Young, Chief Executive of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, said: “The Golden Jubilee Foundation’s vision of ‘leading quality, research and innovation’ does not simply reflect our health or hotel services, it is evident in everything we do.


“Our quality and innovation work increasingly requires us to work with international partners and that is why we have developed travel guidance for staff working abroad or visiting other countries on behalf of our organisation.


“The guidance recognises that we have a duty of care to our staff and that there may be particular risks associated with travel to some countries whose legislation or culture is not as inclusive as that of the UK.


“Although this may be a particular issue for female or LGBT team members, it is a useful tool for every single employee who works here.”


IDAHOT, which takes place annually on 17 May, to draw the attention to the difficulties faced by the LGBT community and those who do not conform to majority sexual and gender norms.


Showing their support for the event, The Golden Jubilee Foundation carried out their annual tradition of raising a Rainbow Flag to mark IDAHOT 2016.


Stewart MacKinnon, Interim Chair of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, said: “As the top performing Health and Care Organisation in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, the Golden Jubilee Foundation is committed to maintaining and improving our values based culture where diversity is welcomed and LGBT equality is taken seriously.


“Currently 40% of the world’s population live in countries where gay, lesbian and bisexual people can be imprisoned, just for being themselves.


“At the Golden Jubilee Foundation, we value the rich talents, skills and experiences of our diverse staff. They are critical to our provision of the highest standard of care and service for everyone, delivered in an environment that is inclusive. That is why we have and will continue to support IDAHOT.”


The Golden Jubilee Foundation was recently recognised for their ongoing dedication to equality in the workplace, receiving the Sector Champion Award at the Stonewall Scotland Awards 2016. This follows their highest ranking to date in the prestigious Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (WEI), ranking 29th overall and being named the Top Health and Social Care Provider in the UK.

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