Published: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Research Showcase at Golden Jubilee 


Healthcare professionals will be attending a Research Event hosted by the Golden Jubilee National Hospital on Friday 2 December, highlighting the cutting-edge work being carried out at the Golden Jubilee.


Featuring more than 12 presentations and interactive sessions led by key opinion leaders across heart, lung, orthopaedics and anaesthetics, the event will also include a keynote speech from Professor Ian Ford, Professor in Biostatistics at the University of Glasgow, and an internationally renowned expert in the design, conduct, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials.


The Showcase will take place in the Auditorium of the on-site Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel and focus on demonstrating the breadth, impact and vision of the work being undertaken at the Research Institute.


Discussing the event, Medical Director of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Dr Mike Higgins, said: "The Golden Jubilee National Hospital is dedicated to leading quality, research and innovation on behalf of the NHS in Scotland.


"The Research Showcase will feature in-depth sessions and presentations from opinion leaders in healthcare from across our specialities, including heart failure, cardiology, orthopaedics, thoracics, anaesthetics and critical care."


The Golden Jubilee has a proven track record in delivering innovations in research for patients around the country, most recently playing key roles in studies investigating: the benefits of MultiPoint Pacing for Cardiac Resyncronisation Therapy; the Transform Study into a new type of minimally invasive lung valve for emphysema; and the development of a Remote Control Knee Device for monitoring patient's progress after discharge from orthopaedic surgery.


Dr Higgins added: "At the Golden Jubilee, we work with a variety of partners from across the NHS, academia and private sector, and with clinicians from world-leading healthcare institutions across the globe, to help us investigate new ways to address the challenges we face on a daily basis.


"This Research Showcase is a fantastic opportunity for us to share best practice, learn from our peers and gain invaluable feedback to improve the standard of care we are offering to patients all across Scotland and beyond."


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