Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories (cath lab)


Our Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories (cath lab) are equipped with state-of-the-art flat plane imaging designed specifically for cardiac procedures.


  • One has additional speciality equipment to help diagnose and treat heart rhythm disorders. (Electrophysiological or EP).
  • One is a bi-plane Cath Lab which allows intricate treatment of a broad range of more complex disease.
  • A further two fully equipped coronary diagnosis and treatment labs.


Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team includes Consultant Cardiologists, specialist nurses, Radiographers and Cardiac Physiologists.

Procedures include:


  • coronary angiography - passing a fine tube via the artery, (large blood vessel) in your leg or wrist, directly to your heart.
  • coronary angioplasty - a balloon and/or a small metal coil (stent) is used to open narrowed areas in the arteries of your heart.
  • electrophysiology to diagnose and treat heart rhythm disturbances
  • diagnosis and treatment of adult congenital heart disease
  • diagnosis of pulmonary vascular disorders

Before and after your procedure, you will be looked after in one of our Cardiology patient areas.

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