Cardiology patient areas


As a Cardiology patient you may be looked after in one of the following areas.


Cardiac Day Unit


Our Cardiac Day Unit is a 16-chair day care unit adjacent to the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (cath lab). 


There are two chairs in each room. We will ensure that you are nursed with dignity and respect and that you are in a room with someone of the same gender.


Patients are admitted here before and after having their procedures carried out in the cath lab.


Cardiology ward 2C


Our Cardiology ward 2C is an eight-bed ward where we care for patients requiring an overnight stay after their procedure. Occasionally you may be nursed in ward 3 East or 3 West instead.


Coronary Care Unit (CCU)


Our Coronary Care Unit is an eight-bed ward where we care for more complex patients and those who have been treated for a heart attack.

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