Admission and Operation


The booking office will send out a letter confirming your admission date and you may be contacted by phone by our booking office team or medical secretaries. Your letter will contain information on what time to come in and where you will be admitted. Most patients are admitted to the ward the day before surgery and some are admitted on the day of surgery to the surgical day unit. All patients will go to the critical care area after the operation. 

After admission a nurse will check all of your information from pre-operative assessment to make sure your details are correct and check if anything has changed. 

An expected date of discharge will be discussed with you, along with any arrangements that have to be made prior to discharge; this will include confirming who will help at home and who will be able to take you home from the hospital. 

The Ward

Ward 3 East is the Cardiac Ward. Your admission letter will tell you what time and which ward to come to. 

Visiting hours are 2pm - 4.30pm and 5.30pm - 9pm. 

For more information, contact: 0141 951 5350

Surgical Day Unit

Some patients may come in on the day of their surgery to the Surgical Day Unit (SDU). Your admission letter will tell you what time to come in and when you can eat and drink. 

Critical Care Area

All patients go to the Critical Care Area after their operation, and will stay there over night. On the day after your operation you will either be moved back to Ward 3 East or stay in one of the Critical Care Areas.

You will be asked to nominate a person for your nurse to call when you come back after your operation. 

  • If your operation is in the morning we will call your nominated person by 2pm; and
  • If your operation is in the afternoon, we will call your nominated person by 7pm. 
You can have visitors on the day of your operation. 

Visiting hours are 1pm - 8pm. 


Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 1: 0141 951 5305
High Dependency Unit (HDU) 2: 0141 951 5302

Day of the operation

In order to reduce the risk of infection after the operation, you will be asked to shower with an antiseptic skin wash provided for you. 

The nurse may give you a tablet called a pre-medication to help you relax before the operation. 

You will be taken to the theatre area 30 minutes before the operation commences. The nurses will check your identity and review your details again before you go in. 

The Operation

Cardiac operations can take three to five hours depending pon which procedure you are having. 

For more information on the common procedures carried out at the Golden Jubilee, please see our Heart Surgery Procedures page. 

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